If you thought the House Of Holland show was ridiculous, wait until you see what Jeremy Scott showed for spring 2010 in London today. One word: Flintstones.

So yeah, my friend J used to joke about being a modern urban cavegirl, wearing little fur stoles and eating steak and dragging boys back to her cave apartment. This is bone print is a less subtle take on that.

I don't even know what this print is supposed to be. Snagglepuss didn't have spots.

I can almost imagine a situation in which this ensemble would be appropriate, and it involves Taylor Momsen and Halloween. The gloves are fierce, but the jagged sleeves on that jacket just make the Fashion Gods cry Chanel No. 5-scented tears.

Wilma and Betty had better accessories.

Are you ready to barf up your Brontosaurus burger yet?

Just in case you don't "get it" — bones on the shoes, too.

This looks like the infamous dissolving bikini.

I don't know whether to laugh or to cry... Laugh, I think. Like this: HAHAHAHAHA! CAPTAIN CAVEMAN GOES TO SOUTH BEACH!!! LOL! Unrelated: The limited edition sneakers are hot.

This sabre-tooth tiger swimsuit isn't really that bad…

…When you consider this painful Borat-ish contraption, complete with faux-paws. Yeah, I said it. FAUX-PAWS. Faux-paws are a faux pas.

"I'm just gonna pretend I'm naked. Naked, walking in a spotlight. That's way less horrifying than thinking about what I'm actually wearing."

Jeremy Scott himself. He probably thinks his pants are GRRRRRRREAT.

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