Usually I get the "story" behind a collection, but Vivienne Westwood's hick chicks and urban femme fatales, shown yesterday in London, left me scratching my head. Maybe a girl moves from the farm to the big city? And goes nuts?

Things start out innocently enough: This little plaid dress is actually wearable! Of course, she has a frog on her head.

A cute polka-dot dress is saved from being too safe with quirky bodice, pockets, fabric folds and interesting hem.

These ladies are from the country, but they're worldly, see?

Then there's this: Punky black with a voodoo doll or something hanging from her neck.

This is a jumper or a diaper or something. With a stuffed frog. The model is Pixie Geldof. I don't know what any of it means.

Once she lost her job as an extra for Newsies, she also lost her mind and started wearing her underwear on the outside.

Fingerpainting as a nostalgic nod to misspent youth? Or a pattern made by people crying out for help? You decide.

No bank teller is going to hand over the cash if you're wearing diapers. It's just not going to happen.

Perfect for work, if your job involves spanking businessmen with a paddle.

Remember Pound Puppies? They came from the "pound," and you saved them by adopting them. This is Pants Puppy, whose only home is a pocket in Daisy Lowe's pants.

Won't you please help?

Well, at least the 68-year-old mother of punk looks pleased!

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