And when they were bad? They were truly horrid:

Oh yes, I did: I love Padma, but this simply has too much going on, none of it good. And I have a particular aversion to tumor-like embellishment.

Sarah Silverman's Velasquez-worthy panniers are...incredibly unflattering. That's all I'll say.

Patricia Arquette usually makes her way into this category for something more spectacular; this was merely dowdy.

Adore Jessica Lange, adore the color, adore the old-school-glam concept: it's only the fit that gives me pause.

Jenna Fischer makes the mistake of taking style tips from Belle Watling.

I concede that Blake Lively's plunging gown was borderline: I think it's the Vegas-ready sequin detailing that put it over the edge.

There's only one word for the fabrication of Hope Davis' gown: "wizard."

I actually gasped at the frumpiness of the normally-chic Kyra Sedgwick's grotesquely mumsy drapery. It's as if a mother-in-law who hated her chose her outfit.

Nancy O'Dell lives down to her usual red carpet standard. And yes, I am still bitter that she got Austin kicked off.

Eva La Rue's crummy-looking gown's not even Vegas: it's Atlantic City.

Whatever Jessica Lowndes envisioned, I'm guessing it wasn't this shepherdess debacle.

I wonder who Victoria Rowell voted for? And I'm just going to say it: "man's face, enormous" is generally a bad idea for a gown pattern.

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