When they were good, they were very, very, very good:

Rose Byrne's "Glinda" special is straight-up beautiful.

Also in the fairy princess camp: a radiant Drew Barrymore.

I don't remember the last time Jennifer Love Hewitt looked so simply pretty on the red carpet.

Lovely to see Christina Hendricks showcasing her bombshell figure in something simple.

Kate Walsh departs from her usual sleek lines with a gorgeous, subtle Grecian number.

Seriously digging Alex Borstein's fun deco ensemble.

Leighton Meester's is definitely one of the top 3 looks of the evening.
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Maybe not my favorite look of the evening, but Kim Kardashian is still glam, and gorgeous.

It's always nice to see someone do sleeves on the red carpet - especially when the results are as elegant as Elizabeth Perkins'.

Lindsay Price took a gamble on a basically safe red carpet; I think it paid off.

The tricky gowns are the ones that aren't hideous or gorgeous, but kind of on the fence. I'd put this Jessica McClintock-y number in a "Meh" category if there was one - but the fit and Vanessa's elan take it into positive territory.

Loving Holly Hunter's juxtaposition of geometric and soft.

Speaking of geometric: I'm guessing January Jones' bold gown will be somewhat polarizing; I love it.

Jennifer Carpenter's old-Hollywood exercise in intricacy is one of the few cases when you don't wince to think of so much handwork going into something disappointing.

Alicia Witt's feathered friend is slightly surreal - but not over-the-top.

If anyone can do straight-up 80's power red, it's Sigourney Weaver.

Chloe Sevigny's dress may well be my favorite of the entire evening. Also, decade.

Jane Krakowski's was one of the best of the many disco-inflected numbers.

As was Kaley Cooco's human Oscar.

Cherry Jones has the height for these statuesque lines.

Kourtney Kardashian looks more elegant and naturally beautiful in maternity than I've ever seen her.

Heidi Klum, of course, wrote the book.

Kat Deeley's natural (which, yes, obvioulsy took 4 hours) hair and makeup are a stunning counterpoint to her goddessy gown.

Sure she's been more glam, but I dig how low-key Sally Field kept it.

While I've yet to see a red-carpet look that adequately conveys Mindy Kaling's awesome, I'd say this playful, pretty frock is a definite "good." Even if it looks painful.

If you have to do "Reagan-era," Debra Messing shows how.

Elisabeth Moss' regal situation is almost too busy - I think it's the rich, subtle color that keeps it in bounds.

Sandra Oh overcomes this unfortunate belt by the skin of her sequins.

As you can see, the metallics were totally out of control - but Mariska's not Jayne Mansfield's daughter for nothin'.

Tina Fey nails it. That is all.

I like Mila Kunis' slightly unexpected wine tasting: you?

And why was Mary-Louise Parker the only one with the cajones for a mini?

Jennifer Westfeldt flirts with dowdiness - it's her radiant smile that saves her.

Amy Poehler: adorable.

Ginnifer Goodwin's gown: youthful, gorgeous, apparently magic.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus knows what works for her and doesn't deviate.