The Gucci party for Mary J. Blige's women's foundation, Ffawn, at Gucci's Fifth Avenue store, was mostly elegant: Serena Williams, Alicia Keys, Devon Aoki, Estelle and LeBron James all looked sweet and sharp. And then there was that tunic...

Mary J. Blige does total class act in elegant basics. Plus, is apparently a guest builder on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition this season.

Mark Ronson looks like a Saturday Night Fever extra.

Alicia Keys' bracelet is very Where the Wild Things Are! Gucci president Daniella Vitale, meanwhile, demonstrates the appropriate length for a tunic worn over leggings.

I'm really wishing we could see all of anchorwoman Alina Cho's frock (with MAC Cosmetices President John Dempsey) but hey, it's getting chilly.

Savannah Brinson (with LeBron James) rocks one of those trends that inexplicably won't die: large-scale houndstooth. That said, the shape is lovely.

I feel like one could see Devon Aoki's shirt on a rack at a thrift store and shudder - yet she looks totally elegant! (Once she and I were at airport security together in London. I was really late, she was on celebrity time.)

Serena Williams (with the natty LeBron)' sleek frock is Last Days of Disco glam! And can I admit that I don't like that movie very much?

Is it still considered "the Regis" if there's no monochromatic tie? Whatever, never my favorite look - along with gratuitous shades - but singer Ryan Leslie still looks pretty sharp.

I hate to break this to singer Jadyn Maria...but she forgot her camisole, and her chain-mail top is see-through. Embarrassing, I know.

Estelle, in a Mary J. - Russell Simmons sandwich, looks as cute and jazzy as ever - even if I'd like to maybe hem her trousers half an inch.

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