LC Lauren Conrad, the latest fashion contribution from the former Hills star, launched today at Kohl's. Compared to her now-defunct "high end" line, the new stuff for Kohl's is just the same shit with a different price tag.

The description for the Brushstroke Sheath Dress, "side pockets lend a chic vibe." If batteries are included with the vibe, then it might actually be worth the $50.

This piece is called The Boyfriend Blazer. If your boyfriend is wearing "princess seams that flatter your figure," then you should reevaluate your relationship. $60

What would a celebrity clothing line be without leggings? $20

According to the Kohl's site, this Seamless Camisole has "details [that] offer flawless fashion." $20

Maternity wear? $30

This is supposed to add a "timeless touch to your wardrobe." I guess if you consider that you can wear it for the rest of your life as your torso expands, it kind of is. $34

Oof. $34

Yikes. $34

It keeps getting worse. $34

Nanas can stuff crumpled tissues up this cardigan's sleeves. $44

Boyfriend Jeans. $54

Mom jeans. $54

"Floral watercolor pattern provides artistic appeal." $60

This piece of shit is $40.