Baby Phat shows are always a spectacle, and Kimora Lee Simmons' vision for spring 2010 — shown last night — was no different. Models on a gold glitter runway with an Indian-ish arch; shredded jeans, harem pants, teeny bikinis.

I worry about where crotches are going, what with dropped crotches and harem pants and so on. I really do. The color of her top is divine, though.

Wearable, if not entirely original.

Shiny! Short!

Short! Shiny!

The pattern and ties on these shorts? Actually pretty cool. And I liked the layered tops.

As long as this is a dress and not a jumper, it's gorgeous.

That model is the only one who can pull this off, or should try.

I don't know what is going on here, but I suspect that Taylor Momsen wants to order two.

Oh, hello.

As you can tell, this collection is all over the damn place.

And most of it doesn't look very high-end.

That said, this dress with a metallic warrior corset breastplate thingy is pretty hot.

More shiny. When it's not short, it's tight.

I do tend to like hot, bright, blues, pinks and purples. So the palette appeals to me.

Some pieces, like this blue jacket, seem fun and fresh.

Oh, hello.

Baby Phat swimwear: Not for the shy, or the non-thin.

Oh, hello.


Well, the kids are cute, at least!

Check out the new baby!

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