My dad is so cheap environmentally conscious that when wrapping presents, he'll often tape together a clashing patchwork of everyone else's paper scraps rather than cut a new piece. Today's Rodarte show reminded me of him.

This, for instance, would be a classic example of the Bill Harding Wrapping Paper look, which is apparently going to be huge for spring.

Here's a variation on the BHWP look, about which I would make the obvious "Derelicte" joke, if not for the unsettling fact that Derelicte is a real thing now.

Other influences on Rodarte designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy this season include Ursula the Sea Witch.

The Ursula look also comes in a mini version.

I know just enough about fashion to know that such a thing as a "carwash hem" exists, but it's not usually so literal, is it?

OK, for real, I obviously don't know shit about fashion, and as pure art, a lot of these designs are actually quite beautiful. I should get over my compulsive need to look at stuff on the runway in terms of wearability, since that is clearly not the point.

The AP's Samantha Critchell, who does know something about fashion, points out that "When stripped down without all the effect, some of the major trends of Fashion Week where here: draping, banding and lattice-like leather, among them." Take her word for it.