It's getting really tiresome to see the designers issued fairly easy challenges and come up with craptastic garments. And there isn't even any drama! Although, last night, Epperson cried.

The challenge was to come up with an outfit that would make your client — your model — stand out at a party. Epperson's model, Matar, wanted something romantic, sexy, punk, like a tiger. Or some shit. She even wanted orange. Epperson was like, yeah. Right. (Clip above.)

Meanwhile, Logan was designing a blue thing which he called a Smurf Prom Dress.

Tim Gunn said, "Now that you said Smurf…" He couldn't get it out of his head. "Don't use that word again," he scolded.

At some point, Epperson called his wife and kids, either because he missed them very much, or because the show was SO DAMN BORING that something had to happen.

After the phone call, he was quite cinematically stitching his dress while shedding silent tears. Project Runway will break a man. Like prison!

Let's just skip to the runway. Highlights were:

Althea's foxy three-piece number, although perhaps one might choose to wear a bra with it.

Ra'mon's giant flower frock, although it's a wee Carrie Bradshaw/Patricia Field.

Irina's ladylike ensemble: Wearable, while not earth-shattering.

The lowlights:

Johnny Meth's eggplant surprise, which the judges deemed "bridesmaid." My friend Matt said If he were on American Idol, they'd be calling his song "too karaoke."

Logan's '50s Smurf goth prom extravaganza. Guest judge Jennifer Rade hated the dress, but was willing to give Logan… and his silver pants… another chance.

Let's be honest: Do we like the silver pants? I think he pulls them off, but silver happens to be my favorite color.

Lastly, poor Qristyl! While her dress was not horrible, it was not an "eye-catching" ensemble for an industry event. And so we said auf Wiedersehen.


The good news? It looks like next week, the designers are working with magazines or newspapers and finally doing one of those think-oustide-the-box challenges ProjRun is known for.

Any last words, Heidi?