Bluewater Productions will issue graphic novel biographies of Stephenie Meyer and JK Rowling at the end of this year, adding to a Female Force series that also includes Sarah Palin.

The Guardian's Alison Flood says Meyer's biography "will be narrated by a vampire 'in a very fun, respectful and unique way'" (because, of course, one of Meyer's main contributions to Western culture is the respectful vampire). The graphic novel will no doubt depict how Meyer was bitten by a radioactive mosquito while sitting at her laptop, thus giving her the superpower of making millions of dollars from crappy books. Adam Gragg, author of the JK Rowling comic book, says,

Learning about who she is and how she struggled to become a success was a truly enlightening experience. Twelve publishers turned her down. If it weren't for the daughter of a British publisher who liked Rowling's first chapter of Philosopher's Stone, we might never have met Harry Potter.

No word on whether Rowling is actually a mutant. However, Flood does seem to be setting up the release of the two graphic novels as some kind of Magneto-vs.-Professor-X-type showdown. She writes,

The latest in comic book warfare pits two unlikely heroines against each other: JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer. The bestselling authors are set to go head-to-head at the end of the year, when graphic novel biographies of each writer are lined up for publication.

Since one book comes out in December and the other in November, and the two authors probably don't really care very much about one another, we're not sure this counts as a "head-to-head" battle. But we are kind of intrigued by the idea of a Sarah Palin graphic novel. With her wacky speeches and her two-dimensional takes on the issues, she's the perfect comic book heroine. We can see it now: Sarah Palin in "Death To Death Panels," "Sarah Palin Vs. Mutant Moose." The possibilities are endless.

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