For the premiere of the fifth season of her talk show today, Tyra wore her real hair. Then she sat down to interview Perez Hilton and pretended like she doesn't read his site or hate his guts.

OK, first of all, this:

Tyra came out with her natural hair completely wet.

And she had audience members come up and touch it.

The lesson here was: "Wigs and weaves are options, not something that you need."

Then she got a blowout and had it styled, and continued on with the show.

Perez came out.

I know, right? For real:

(That's cereal milk on his chin, BTW.)

Tyra referred to him as "The King of Blogging," even though she told him, "I'm not very familiar with your site…" Bull. Fucking. Shit.

That post was the seed that her manure developed into the tree of knowledge that is "Kiss my fat ass!"

She even knows his nicknames for her.

Tyra tried to get Perez to admit that he'd been teased as a child and that's why he grew up to be such an angry asshole. He wouldn't though. Then she tried to strike a deal with him. She asked him to not make fun of the underage children of celebrities for one year. He refused.

Then she knocked it down to three months, but he wanted an "out clause."

Then they agreed that he would only post "newsy" content about celebrities' children, and he'd leave opinion out of it. He would have to do this for three months, and if he followed through, he would get to appear on a future episode of ANTM.

It would seem that he didn't stick to the deal. It's kind of a relief though, that he won't be appearing on Top Model, though.

Coming up this season on Tyra:

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