Last night's installment of MTV's True Life: I Hate My Tattoos profiled people who regret the ink they have. Over 70% of Jason's body is tattooed, which is proving to be a very painful mistake to correct with laser removal.

Jason works at a pizza parlor and recently got engaged. He wants to get a better job to make a better life for himself and his fiancee, but feels that his tattoos — particularly the ones on his face, neck, and hands — will hold him back from being hired somewhere. He began the process of laser removal, but didn't realize that the healing process would include giant, puss/blood-filled blisters.

Having blisters, of course, was not a good thing considering that he works with food. Especially when he started "softly draining" them in the employee bathroom. His boss told him he had to go home, and lose the day's pay.

Actually, all of the tattooed individuals on the show seemed to compulsively make decisions that were not completely thought out, like Ali, a 26-year-old woman who had her fiancé's name tattooed on her arm, after they were together for four months.

A few months after that, he left her, and subsequently (softly?) drained her bank account. Ali suffered a nervous breakdown. Now she can't stand to even look at his name on her arm. She doesn't have a job, and can't afford laser removal, but was able to scrape together enough money to get another tattoo to cover up the original. However, this would require that she get almost her entire forearm covered in ink. She briefly considered the fact that she might hate this new, larger tattoo, and that it might hurt her chances at getting a job in a law office. But she went ahead and got the cover-up tat anyway.

Then she got back together with her ex-fiancé.