What better way to spend a lazy holiday weekend afternoon than to discover which reality show stereotype you are? There's no better way, I say. The results of our stupid Saturday quiz, after the jump.

If You Answered Mostly A's: You Are The Party Girl
You are the mess of the series: you're always drunk, and when you're not drunk, you're crying on the phone to the boyfriend you are currently cheating on on national television, all while acting like he's not going to find out. You like to dance, drink, and party, but when the fun is over, you typically collapse into a ball of low self-esteem. You're a tragic character, as you will ride your wave of notoriety to many bar openings and Girls Gone Wild hosting gigs across the nation. Eventually, you'll either go through a very public rehabilitation phase or you'll sign up to win Bret Michaels' heart on Rock of Love 87: Roses And Thorns.

If You Answered Mostly B's: You Are The Bitch
Somewhere along the way, you realized that being the villain was more interesting than being the hero, so here you are, the biggest bitch in town. You're the kind of person who lives to make other people feel small and stupid; you don't always come right out and insult them, but you have a manipulative way of making people feel as though they'd better get on your good side, or else. The bonus? The audience loves you. Or they love to hate you. Either way, you're one of the most popular—or at least one of the most notorious—characters on the show.

If You Answered Mostly Cs: You're The Airhead
You're the Kelly Kapowski of the show: you're very pretty, and you're usually very nice, and you mean well, but you are often edited to appear to be as dumb as a box of rocks. This is not to say that you are dumb, but the editing room certainly makes it seem that way. You're often shown gazing at the ceiling for no reason whatsoever, and you start most of your conversations with "Um," or "What?" as if you've just been snapped out of a daze. Your plotlines are always boring and forced, and nobody really cares what happens to you on the show unless the Party Girl or the Bitch swoops in to add some excitement here or there. It doesn't really matter, though, because you're beautiful and famous and rich, and everything will work out just fine.

If You Answered Mostly Ds: You Are An Ear Of Corn
You are an ear of corn. How did you even take this quiz? You're pretty damn special! Someone should get you a reality show of your own! We could call it, "It's Amaizing!" Get it? Where are you going? Oh, you're too good for this now? Fine. You know what? You're the bitch, ear of corn. Yeah, I heard what you just said. Whatever! Whatever!

If You Answered Mostly Es: You Are The Famewhore
This little reality show gig is just a stop on the express train to super stardom, bro. You can't help it if everyone wants to see how you live your awesome life! You're so famous that eventually the show will revolve around how famous you are, and everyone will be talking about the greatness that is you. Your face will be everywhere, and people around the world will wonder how they ever lived without you. You know that when your 15 minutes will be up, nobody will care anymore. But you're determined to stretch that 15 minutes for as long as you can, and you will be as obnoxious as possible to keep your fame alive, even if it means turning the entire world against you. All publicity is good publicity, right?

If You Answered Mostly Fs: You Are The Voice Of Reason
Often enough, you supply the only "reality" on the show. You call you friends out on their bs, and stay out of the fights when things get too intense. You love your friends and your family and you try to keep a low profile. Unfortunately, you are too boring for reality television, and eventually you will either fade away or be forced to start taking on the qualities of The Bitch or The Party Girl in order to keep up with your friends (and their paychecks). You have to ask yourself: which reality do I prefer? If it's television, get ready to sacrifice a bit of yourself in order to play, well, yourself.


Thanks for taking our quiz! It's always nice when people stop being polite and start getting real.

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