Last night, while Ra'mon worked his ass off, his teammate Mitchell joked around, burned himself on an iron and was a general slackery nuisance.

Then, when Ra'mon needed some support or encouragement, Mitchell said, "In our relationship, I can't always tell you that you're perfect." Excuse me?

The challenge was to create a surfer girl inspired look. To find out about this challenge, the designers had to be driven all the way to the damn beach, where they encountered Tim Gunn in sunglasses and flip-flops.

Channeling James Spader in Less Than Zero?


Personally, I miss the wacky challenges, like making a dress out of corn husks or crafting a wrestling outfit. Red carpet and beach wear? These are what are known as "gimmes."

Also: Doesn't that second dress from the left seem very similar to the beach-inspired number Ra'mon designed, below?

At some point it was revealed that in addition to a fun beachy look, the deisgners would need an avant garde look as well. Here's how they reacted to that news:

The "beach scene" really threw some people off. Take Nicolas for instance. To him, "beach" meant "lace garters".


His teammate tried to rationalize: A seawoman! Like in that mermaid movie! And she's fallen on hard times! So she has to to be a hooker! In the '80s!

Behold: Seahooker.

Ra'mon started to design some kind of wetsuit, which freaked the hell out of Tim Gunn. "I fundamentally don't get it," he said. He was pissed.

So Ra'mon had, like, five minutes left, in which he put on a garbage bag...

Dyed some neoprene...

Blowdryed his fabric...

And whipped up a little cocktail dress, which won the whole damn thing. Summer from The O.C. said she would wear it "with alterations."

Meanwhile, Team Older Black People were fighting on the runway.

Heidi Klum was amused.

Nina Garcia was not amused.

Ra'mon's teammate slacker Mitchell was eliminated, and rightly so.

He admitted: "I didn't try hard enough." Did you try at all?!?!?

Any last words, Mitchell?