Last night, three sisters entered the Babes of Summer pageant. So they wouldn't compete against each other, their mother lied about her 10-year-old's age so she could be in an older age group. But did she also enhance her dress?

Because she looked really different in her "Outfit of Choice."

There was supposed to be a "moms" category, with over 20 contestants. But Dana Sprinkle (the one who maybe stuffed her 10-year-old's bra) was the only one who ended up competing. She won.

The best part for me, though was the backstage dramz that occurred when one of the pageant's coordinators was fired, and all of the judges were replaced because of rumors of "fixed" scores.

I love how the management change made everything so chaotic that they had to completely redo the baby category.

Good thing this lady was there.