During last night's interview with Chris Brown on Larry King Live, comments from the show's blog and Facebook page appeared on the screen. Most of the commenters hate Brown. But Brown hates the "immature media" of "blog sites" anyway.

This one was my favorite. I had a feeling that LKL edits these things down for when they appear on TV, so I found the original on Facebook, and as I suspected, it's way better: "True playas know that you don't take your anger and frustration out on your girlfriend by hitting them...you are supposed to use that type of energy in bed during sex. Wow Chris, you drop the ball on that one or maybe I should say your hand. Love your music though. Micheal is gone now, its time for you to shine Homeboy."

"I'm willing to bet my paychecks that he doesn't change."

"He should be in prison, these stars get away with way too much!"

"I agree he got off light. I also believe he'll offend again"

"He's just doing everything to save his career"

"He is who he is. All the money in the world can't erase that"

Jasmina's full comment from Facebook: "I love his innocent outfit for the show...and from the clips shown these last several evenings, how he plays everyone or at least tries, like a fine violin. Poor Baby....NOT! Send him away....."

Tyler's comment initially seems anti-violence, but this was his original comment on Facebook: "Any man who does this to a woman is not man enough to do it to another man"

"There is no way he can redeem himself, he showed his colors"

"The only thing he cares about is making millions"

"It's hard to tell if he's sorry, or sorry he got caught"

(This guy is just jealous.) "I would not have gotten off with probation!"

This is the conversation on the LKL blog today.