The 19th NAACP Theatre Awards, at West Hollywood's DGA theater, had as varied a red carpet as we've ever seen: you want glam? glitz? retro? dubious? nightwear? You've come to the right place!

Kyla Pratt's dress has the disconcerting effect of looking like long, Ringu-like strands of wet hair are clinging to her.

Love the shape of Tatyana Ali's frock, don't love the odd mix of gold, eyelet and lamé.

Karimah Westbrook, despite odd belt, looks incredibly sleek.

Wow! Kinda loving Nautica De La Cruz' dramatic retro formal.

I feel like the odd length of Aasha Davis' dress shouldn't work, but it does.

Mari Morrow's peach confection is kinda Disney-does-Olympus!

Debating Camille Winbush's unusual choice of sandal with graphic. I suspect she's working it. What say you?

I'm really hoping a little girl saw Jennia Fredrique en route, because this Swan Princess situation would totally make her year, and probably influence the rest of her life in a profound way.

Audra McDonald's LBD: retro-perfect.

CeCe Antoinette sports a mother-of-the-bride classic: the token, transparent coat. Other varietals include the jacket, bolero, and shawl.

Niecy Nash does her usual unreconstructed bombshell.

I am very "pro" bringing back getups like Lauren Velez' as loungewear - hostess pajamas, even. And I am quite pro discouraging them as red carpet wear. In a purely rhetorical sense, of course - obviously anyone should have the freedom to wear what she will, a reason I've always shied away from the construction "fashion crime" in any variation.

What say you: is Monique Coleman sporting separates - or a dress? And how does this effect your opinion? (I'm channeling those "discussion questions" at the back of a worthy paperback.)

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