The Final Destination, which premiered last night at the Mann Village Theatre, was one of the worst we've seen in a long time. When Hiltons start looking elegant, you know you've got a problem.

I get that the point of an LBD is that you can accessorize it and make it your own; and I guess...that's exactly what Bachelor winner Shayne Lamas has done?

Kaya Jones demonstrates a baffling trend in dresses: too tight on the bottom, too loose on top.

Apparently, Andie Walsh has become a dress designer. And Rebecca Mader is buying her designs.

Haylie Duff brings the old Hollywood glamour. And as a result, must be feeling kinda out of place on this Contempo Casuals red carpet.

It's like Haley Webb is bringing the entire decade of the 1960s together in one dress: cocktails plus tie-dye! Mad Men meets Woodstock!

America Olivo, fresh from a shine in the Emerald City.

It's always a bad sign when a Hilton is one of the most demure on a red carpet.

I'm fairly sure Tim Burton had a hand in designing Shantel VanSanten's frock - I just can't figure out what his vision was. Evil-twin figure-skater?

You know how in a fancy restaurant the maitre d' can force a guy to put on a jacket? Can we do that to Dakota Pike?

And now, an incontrovertible Ugly: Nina Bergman's "Cherry Pie" special.

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