Last night, Kate Gosselin appeared calm, poised, and well-spoken on Larry King Live. She declined to reveal details about her divorce and seemed to have a firm grasp on "personal" and "public." Tweeters, however, did not.

"Kate really needs to stop acting like a celebrity"

"Look at these poor kids. Stay out of the media!"

"My first concern is the welfare of the children"

"Kate, you can just walk away"

"Why still have the cameras on the kids now?"

"Is Kate at all worried about her young boy's character?"

"Having 8 kids without a dad is not going to be easy"

"If Kate hates photographers following her, just stop the show"

"Are you alienated from your own family now?"

"Why are these children continuously exploited for the show?"

"Free yourself from your frustrations & leave the public eye"

"How would Kate like it if her parents televised her?"

When Larry asked Kate if she thought Jon was a good father, she paused.