Nylon Magazine's parties always bring out the glam and the weird and the stars, and their TV Issue Party, at L.A.'s Mondrian Skybar, was no exception. Think Anna Paquin, Diablo Cody, Eliza Dushku, and many more delightfully bizarre ensembles!

I'm glad Samaire Armstrong looks so happy; if I were weighted to the ground by a pair of two-ton lead diver's shoes, I'd be less sanguine.

Katie Cassidy's animal print may skew a little 80's-Barbie, but sometimes maybe that's what you want?

See, why did Kristin Cavallari's little tunic - otherwise quite unexceptionable - have to slit so far up the leg? It turns it into a "shirt" and thus, gross.

I like that Diablo Cody seems to shop her closet/wear regular clothes half the time.

Jenna Dewan's ferocious expression suggests an elaborate revenge fantasy involving these boots.

See, this is how we do it: if you're gonna go hog-wild with the shoes, go simple with the rest, like Eliza Dushku.

Let's be generous and assume the airline lost Shannon Elizabeth's luggage and she was forced to construct an outfit from these random bits and pieces. Otherwise, it's inexplicable.

Shenae Grimes: it's true, Sassy was awesome and the early 90s had some rad music. But, honey, it's over. It's gone.

And report that to Anna Paquin. Although I don't know if her dress and I liked the same music.

If I were Stephanie Jacobsen's parent, there's no way I'd let her leave the house wearing that face.

Wow, has Bridget Marquardt gone demure since leaving the Mansion? (It's all relative)

Aubrey O'Day's shoes match her lipstick. And both match Miami retiree.

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