City Chic is an Australian chain store which carries plus-size fashion, and put on a fashion show in Sydney today. In an interview with the Courier-Mail, model Courtney Maxwell explains:

"The average Australian woman is a size 14, so it's great we are being represented on the runway." Apparently the chain has gone from one store to 48 in five years and plans to expand to 80 during the next year. Click through the gallery for a playful catwalk full of lovely ladies!

Leggings are not pants! But the studded skyline tank is cool.

Meh. Over jeans with fading and skulls and crap.

A flirty tutu silhouette is always fun.

Some of the models wore intense looks of concentration…

While others felt comfortable enough to smile! Polka-dots do have that effect.

Even though I'm not a fan of Ed Hardy crap, props to him (or someone) for making it in plus sizes.

It helps if you look self-assured and amazing.

That said, please let this trend die. Now.

This is more like it! Fresh floral, sorta '80s but so very now.

Uh, they're not actually recommending this skirt length, are they?

Loving her curves, attitude and fierceness.

Yowza! I wish I had this dress, and somewhere to go, right now. Which is what fashion should do.

Yet! Sometimes, it makes you want to puke. Begone, pleated acid wash. I rebuke you.

What do you think: Cute cocktail? Too bridesmaid-y? It's probably all how you style it.

The graphics here are perplexing.

Ooh la la! Va va voom! Cha cha cha!

I mean, I don't know where you go in a getup like that (Saloon night at the local bar?) but you're pretty much guaranteed a good time.

Don't you love behind-the-scenes photos? Those curls are somewhere between architecture and sculpture.

Painted lady.

Grace under pressure? Can't be easy to have your hair pulled and tugged into someone else's "vision."

Make that pulled, tugged, clipped and curling ironed.

Still, doesn't it seem like everyone had a blast?

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[Images via Getty.]