Renee Zellweer's new Tennessee-Williams-lite-sounding film, My One And Only, premiered last night in NYC, then celebrated itself at something called "La Rouge Tomate." Let's just say, everyone looked really uncomfortable.

Behold: Best-Dressed-List-Member Renee Zellweger! The pressure's on! Normally, this'd be fine. But in the rareified air of TBDL? Not so sure.

Now, Rachel Roy's someone, IMO, deserving of that accolade. She routinely does interesting things and pulls them off with total authority. To wit: stripes, play on houndstooth.

Poll: is Emily Senko sporting a romper or a dress?

Mark Rendall: Pee-pee dance 4.0

I always think of the day-nightie style of oversized tank-shifts as a bit of a cop-out. Irrationally. (And what does that even mean?) And not that Veronica Taylor doesn't look lovely.

Amy Landecker channels the movie's era - which, frankly, I thought a lot more people would do. Truth to tell, it's starting to lose its charms, no? Something I never thought I'd say. It makes me sad, in fact. Damn you, AMC and your overly aggressive promotions!

I'm just going to say it, since producer Norton Herrick doesn't seem to get the weather report: it was, like, a hundred degrees yesterday.

Emma Snowdon-Jones' hobble skirt must give her the most ungainly walk; did she wait until everyone else went in and then shuffle behind?

Bethenny Frankel channels Barbie '85 - not a good era for Barbie.

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