It's Madonna's 51st birthday today, so I thought we'd celebrate by taking a lyrical trip down memory lane. Ahead, a few snapshots, song lyrics, and questionable yet still awesome fashion choices from Madonna Louise Ciccone's career thus far.

"If we took a holiday/just some time to celebrate/just one day out of life/it would be, it would be so nice."- Holiday, 1983

"If you want me let me know/Baby let it show/Honey don't you fool around."-Borderline, 1983

"Music can be such a revelation/Dancing around you feel the sweet sensation"- Into The Groove, 1985

"I've got the moves baby, you got the motion /If we got together we'd be causing a commotion"- Causing A Commotion, 1987

"Second best is never enough/you'll do much better baby on your own." - Express Yourself, 1989

Don't just stand there/let's get to it/strike a pose/there's nothing to it"- Vogue, 1990

"This feeling inside/I can't explain/but my love is alive/and I'm never gonna hide it again."- Deeper and Deeper, 1992

"So I chose freedom/Running around, trying everything new/But nothing impressed me at all/I never expected it to."-Don't Cry For Me, Argentina, 1996

"I traded fame for love/Without a second thought/It all became a silly a game/Some things cannot be bought."- Drowned World, 1998

"Hey Mr DJ/Put a record on/I wanna dance with my baby."- Music, 2000

"There are too/Many questions/There is not/One solution/There is no/Resurrection/There is so/Much confusion."-Love Profusion, 2003

"Time goes by so slowly for those who wait/No time to hesitate/Those who run seem to have all the fun."- Hung Up, 2005

"Keep it together, we'll make it alright/Our celebration is going on tonight/Poets and prophets would end in what we do/This could be good/Hey you..."- Hey You, 2008

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