So Jamie Foxx is the latest celebrity to be caught in the "yes, I took pictures of my naked self on a cell phone and somehow they got out," trap. And no, he didn't blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol.

The picture, which appeared on Media Take Out yesterday, was taken down after Foxx's rep wrote in, claiming that the photos were the actor's "property" and that they were taken for an upcoming movie role, which, honestly, don't seem too farfetched, considering that Foxx is currently filming the sure-to-be-"wacky" Garry Marshall romantic comedy Valentine's Day, and a scene with the "romantic" overture of the moment, the sketchy cellphone bathroom picture, probably wouldn't be too out of place. The picture will probably end up in the hands of someone's mom! Or someone's grandma! And surely grandma will have something sassy to say about it, like, "Happy Valentine's Day to ME!"


Or maybe the pictures are real, and this is just Foxx's way of covering himself about...not covering himself. Either way, can we all, as a society, move past the naked cellphone picture, please? It's the MySpace profile pic of sex; grainy, stupid, posed, and very 2005. There's nothing inherently sexy about a generic shot of a vagina that one can access in between playing Monopoly or checking one's voicemail, and there's nothing "adult" about putting on your best faux-Lolita SexyFace and sticking an iPhone down your pants. Or maybe I'm just old and I'd rather actually make out with a human being than my cellphone. But that's just me.

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