You'd think the premiere of The Time Traveler's Wife at New York's Ziegfeld Theatre would be a blast. But no - everyone, from Brad Pitt to Rachel McAdams, looked anxious and miserable. Only the kids were having fun!

Rachel McAdams must be seriously grateful for the Twilight phenomenon that has superfans obsessing about Pattinson and Stewart dating IRL instead of the Notebook sweethearts. (Or is that not how people think about their lives?) So why does she look so uneasy? Surely she, unlike the rest of us, knows at this point that Fashion Tape is infallible?

Similarly, I've wondered how Brad Pitt feels about his induction to the International Best-Dressed List, surely an honor he's never sought? I imagine he's taken some razzin' about it - and feels an uncomfortable pressure now to put on the dog (as Gramps would have it) in public.

Jane McLean is like, the only one here who looks like she's having fun.

See? Eric Bana looks absolutely miserable! Funny People was not a very fun hundred hours, but I did like the part where Adam Sandler was like, "if I were as handsome as you I'd just have sex with myself all day," and Bana says, "that's exactly what I do do!"

Do you think the cast of Little Black Book , like Ron Livingston, considers it a camp classic? Is a movie a camp classic if it's kind of boring and makes you uncomfortable? We need another name for the category, which also includes Fur and The Last Kiss.

Oh my gosh, Tatum McCann's gleeful let-me-go-play face just made my day.

Can I add that I love that she and Hailey McCann are wearing matching dresses? I remember the distinctive smell of this kind of taffeta so clearly - maybe because I was too small to wear adult clothes until I was, like, 15.

Guess who has two thumbs and isn't commenting on the spelling of Brooklynn Proulx's name? (Besides, you know, that.) I feel like this purse is probably a Big Deal for her. My friend talks about the time when (she was about 6) her little-girl purse was actually snatched at a department store. She says it had a child's calculator in it with faux-gem buttons, so. Mine had a rag-doll's face appliqued to the front. It was never snatched.

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