Perez Hilton told the Los Angeles Times this weekend that he is launching a new site for 20-something women. Although the site is still testing ahead of the official launch tomorrow, we were able to get a good, long look.

It wasn't even that hard, especially once the folks at Evil Beet Gossip showed it was possible. Unfortunately, the security loophole has now been closed. But I came away with plenty of screen grabs for your delectation.

Just look at fashion maven Mario, nobly presiding over his new online domain! And he already snagged corporate sponsorship.

CocoPerez is billed as a blog with longer-form writing — presumably, in the context of Perezland, that means the unbylined ghostwriters will be permitted one trisyllabic word per 58 posts — with more fashion news content than the mothership. And indeed, when I looked, there was a refreshing absence of acontextual paparazzi photos of stars with cum MS Paint-ed on their faces; the lead story was about Molly Sims' just-announced jewelry line for the Home Shopping Network, and there were two posted spreads from the September issue of Harper's Bazaar, Peter Lindbergh's PhotoShop-free supermodels editorial, and Terry Richardson's bizarre Michael Jackson tribute shoot with Agyness Deyn (their verdict: "Ferosh!")

The content reads like free-association stream-of-consciousness MadLibs, celebumodel edition. It's as though the writers are having a very hard time trying to come up with more than 40 words' worth of copy. (The Sims item throws in mention of Heidi Klum's jewelry line failure, the supposed "big score" of appearing on HSN, and Sims' apparent "love of photography," as though a thesis might magically appear out of sheer topical friction.)

And unfortunately, a lot of the site is pretty out-of-date. That Project Runway trailer hit the Internet almost a month ago; Audrey Tautou's Chanel No. 5 ad came out at the start of May; Anne Hathaway's Magnifique commercial dates from the summer of last year; and Madonna's behind-the-scenes Louis Vuitton video was released back in January.

And that's without mentioning these slideshows, which feature such up-to-the-minute subjects as Angelina Jolie's old modeling photos — saw those in In Touch last April — and Marc Jacobs' Fall 2009 collection, which walked at New York Fashion Week last February. What, Resort is too fresh for them?

The whole idea of Perez Hilton launching a site aimed specifically at young women — a demographic he otherwise shows little respect for or interest in — is pretty laughable. I'm sure women will see right through his bullshit for the marketing ploy it is.

Speaking of bull! Just in case you were worried about the proceedings getting too classy, what with the longer-form writing and the cutting-edge high-fashion sensibility, here's a post, titled "A Load Of Bull," which gives Perez a chance to do what he does best: crack jokes about Viagra and bull jizz.


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