The Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Annual installation luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel apparently had no dress code. Half were in evening. Half were in costume. Chris Pine's shoes looked weird. And Kerry Washington, of course, was flawless.

Love Rose McGowan doing gently vintage and...sweet. She does it so well! (Oh, wait, is half of it see-through. Scratch that. And please don't seat me across from her.)

Don't you wonder if Rose had a talk with Evan Rachael Wood, and was like, yeah, I had my mid-90's bombshell phase, too. But why not enjoy being young, honey? You have your whole life to do "hard and lacquered!" Or am I projecting?

First thoughts on Eva Longoria-Parker's dress: it looks like it should really be more fitted, and also like she won a bunch of ribbons in the Hades County Fair.

Whoa, Carla Gugino is really committing to this 60's cocktail thing! Don't get me wrong: she works it, and I dig consistency...maybe I'd feel better if there weren't the unfortunate Mad Men confluence? But that's hardly Carla's fault. But isn't it kinda...evening?

How do you think Emmy Rossum feels about Phantom? Can I admit that I find her outfit not that engaging, even if she looks amazing in it? And can I also admit that lately I've been having a lot of philosophical qualms about attributing meaning and iconography to what's really just a net of fibers? Interesting anthropologically, yes, but existentially? Pfft.

Jeepers crow I love Kerry Washington. And this is the only reference to "iconic Marilyn" I've ever been able to stomach!

Is Jordana Brewster's tank trimmed with...patent? Or just beading? Either way, my grandma (RIP) would have appreciated the matching going on. Like, a lot.

Kirk Pine: your shoes don't match your suit. I thought I should tell you because no one else was going to. I know you were going for "barrier-breaking po-mo" but it's not clear; the suspicion can't help but intrude that you don't know what you're doing. As a friend.

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