If the fashions at this special screening of G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra at Grauman's Chinese Theatre are any indication of the movie, the flick's all over the place. And involves Heidi and Spencer and a copy of Playboy.

Love her or hate her — because Sienna Miller's one of those inexplicably polarizing stars — everyone can agree that she looks old Hollywood glam.

Jenna Dewan's motto: if a little leg's good, a lot's better.

Even though I kinda hate Ciara's new-wave tennis getup, and the necklace looks potentially lethal, she looks typically confident and amazing.

Ew. Every single one of these pictures of Heidi and Spencer shows them mugging with her Playboy. What this has to do with either their faith or the New World Order, I couldn't say.

Before you make your judgment of the stunning Rachel Nichols' gown...

...you should probably see the back.

For his sake, I hope young Leo Howard— or at least his mom — comes to regret this picture, in which he is dressed like a dad going through a mid-life crisis.

I dunno, gang. It just seems like if Aubrey O'Day wants to wear something crisp and structured, it should actually looks kind of...crisp. And structured.

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