Recently, a reader sent us a link to this ShopBop "trend" story called Wartime. "Fashion is war," reads the copy. No. It isn't. But in the pages of 1942's Modern Beauty Shop, war was a major theme. War… and hair!

Since when does Clairol advertise using illustrations of enemy aircrafts in the midst of being destroyed? Can you imagine the brand trying to do this in 2009? The copy reads: "There is no room in America for anything but the best."

The war effort hinged on hairpins.

Also, to help win the war, they had to stop making perm rollers. Sacrifices!

"Scoldy Lox" brand: "Help win the war by preventing wastage of hair pins!" Please note her sailor collar.

"A war can teach a girl a lot of things… " Like making do without manicure stuff. "You and I will be giving up our 'home front' tools for the man on the battle front… and we'll be doing it cheerfully, gladly, without grumbling."

A world war cannot stop a girl from getting married. Wartime brides! "The service bride moves fast and packs light, and her beauty program must be geared accordingly… You must show her that an easy-to care for hairstyle requires a short feather cut and a lovely permanent wave."

Honestly, I absolutely adore this hairstyle. Curls! Off the face! And flowers! And check out that no-fuss bouquet.

Two words: Victory cuts! Short, neat curls are obviously a winning formula. (Click "full size" to enlarge.)

The "tucked under" shortie looks almost like an origami project.

All of the "selections for summer nights" are extremely elegant… and extremely precise! The war will not be won with bedhead!

Should you dare to attempt and recreate some of these 'dos at home, instructions are provided. The text is really quite a treat: "Here is a banged feather bob that is sure to win the hearts of level-headed youngsters who know the secret of combining good looks and hard work, with no dire effect on either… The criss-crossed back is as gay as any young head could wish and it is formed so simply that it can easily be recombed. Sleek side wings are an effective foil for the fluffy bangs. For more frivolous moments, this style will lend itself particularly well to the addition of perky little bows or flower ornaments."

This is the Feather Halo, "just a little different from its feathery cousins."

Since our country is indeed at war, you must ask yourself: "Does Your Appearance Promote Morale?" (Click "full size" to enlarge.) Here's how this story begins: "You, a beautician in wartime, are telling your patrons that beauty is a duty today… and that good grooming gives confidence, increases efficiency and fosters a buoyant spirit. And right you are!" When it comes to your hair, check and see: "Is it smartly dressed… becoming… and short? Or does it straggle about your shoulders…?" Your bedraggled, snarled locks mean the terrorists have already won, people!

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