The folks at Tacky Weddings have called our attention to a fairly disturbing trend: "miniature bride" photography, which places the happy couple in scenes akin to Jack and the Beanstalk, with the groom looming over the bride, giant style.

I suppose if the couple is both into the idea, that's one thing, but there is something incredibly creepy about a few of these pictures, especially the ones like this shot, which involve a bride sleeping in a box, waiting to be "played with" by the groom:

Not only does she look like a toy waiting to be "handled," she also looks, well, dead. Not exactly the most romantic shot of all time. There are also shots like this:

And this:

And this:

The photos, while seemingly done just for fun, objectify the bride and show a visual imbalance of power and a Cullen-like desire for control; the bride is reduced to a toy, someone unequal, easily manipulated, and dependent on her groom for all things. While it may seem funny at first glance, the subtext is pretty hard to laugh at. So what say you, Commenters? Funny, creepy, or perhaps a bit of both?

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