Comedians are always fashion wild-cards. And when you consider that the event, at CBS Studio City's Radford Studios, was a roast for "do-as-I-say" outrageousness doyenne Joan Rivers, well...yeah, it was a perfect storm.

Joan Rivers, under the circumstances, was wise to play it safe - or her Nancy-Reagan-as-Trump-Tower equivalent thereof.

I have a certain sympathy for Melissa Rivers as a fellow person with no style or qualifications who still feels confident to hand down arbitrary opinions of celebrities' outfits. The difference is, I have nowhere to wearwouldn't wear anything so utterly expensive predictable as bandage plus Louboutins.

I am confused by Iliza Shlesinger's top. I like high-low as well as the next guy, but this has a middle-school-boy's conscientious tucked-in look.

I'm just gonna say it: I love Kathy Griffin's dress.

Kaylee DeFer is probably taunting Joan Rivers by wearing this getup on a night when she can't criticize it! Ha! Roast, indeed!

I'm so ready for this pajama-onesie trend to end; I have a particular aversion to "comfy" things that actually look really hard to wear. That said, Claudia Jordan looks pretty good.

Rebecca Corry's boot-breakout seems premature to my Eastern eyes, but maybe the seasons aren't acknowledged in L.A.?

Jackie Collins always wears the perfect "Jackie Collins" uniform. You can just smell the "Poison" from here.

As we know, I have a particular aversion to purple, with its echoes of wizards and Lisa Frank. And yet, I like sharp, sleek little cotton dresses like Whitney Cumming.' What to do?

Maybe I'd have gone for a slightly more open neckline on this LBD, but man am I digging on Robin Quivers' shoes - and am unfailingly struck by her commitment to off-air class!

I hate when people's dates aren't identified. Like it would take so long to ask? Not that there's anything wrong with being "Alan Thicke's plus one," I guess, but when one has taken the time to cultivate a careful Easter palette, it seems a crying shame.

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