According to Stereogum, Thom Yorke has written a song for the upcoming Twilight sequel, New Moon. Let's try to guess the lyrics to said song, if only to keep the "why Thom, why!?" tears away.

Bella Swan
All I feel is all there is
and there is nothing here
there is nothing here
all you are is bound to him
you've made that very clear
very clear
you are nothing dear
but blood waiting for fangs
waiting for fangs

Wolves At The Door Of My High School
Keep the werewolf from my door
but he calls me up
calls me on the phone
keeps trying to win me over
but my heart
is with the one
who sparkles
who sparkles
who sparkles
in the blistering sun

They gave you a stupid name
and told you to like it, girl
they don't know you like I do
the wolves imprint themselves on you
what can you do
what can you do
when all the world looks down on you
you're the reason vampires and girls have to screw, you you
oh, you
clawing baby in the woods
clawing baby in the woods
they gave you a stupid name
they don't know you like the werewolves do

My Sparkling Arm (Edward Cullen)
I am so tired
The darkness is not dark enough
And you are filled with life and death
and you live for my breath
you're a bit obsessed, pet
you want to hold
my sparkling arm
the sun and the moon and the blood on my hands
the blood on my hands
my hands
my hands
you belong to me
you have no other plans
no other plans
you must understand
i can not sleep or eat or be anything but bland
yet you still want to hold
my sparkling hand
plasticine porcelain
you are dazzled
by a ghastly skin
its a sin
its a sin
You are my personal brand of

Of course, they could always just go with this:

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