Men — particularly white men — have it pretty hard these days. Wise Latinas are getting onto the Supreme Court, black Muslims from Mombasa are living in the White House, and some women are even running websites for other women.

What's a man — and a a feminist man, at that — to do when he wants to read free content about discrimination by clothing stores against disabled people only to find out that it appears a website written by women with the intention of attracting and provoking discussion among other women? If you are this guy — the son of "two lesbian parents" who "would describe himself as a feminist" — then you take it upon yourself to school said website about the True Meaning Of Feminism...and why Pot Psychology's Rich Juzwiak is the token guy. (Correction: He is the token gay.)

From your post By hortense, 3:45 PM on Sat Jun 13 2009:

"Just in case their racism, sexism, and general awfulness hasn't been enough to turn you away from Abercrombie & Fitch after all these years, here's another glimpse of the inner workings of the horrible store."

Being a male raised by two lesbian parents who would describe himself as a feminist, i find it very, very sad that charges of sexism stem from Jezebel: celebrity, sex, fashion for women

As if the information in the "look policy" of A&F isn't bad enough, i find that the article was linked to a site that wilfully [sic]and communicatively [sic] excludes 49% of the earth's population.

And that the outrage (which is justified) that is coming out against A&F from your site/company is a great thing.

but your "Jezebel Team" is showing only 1 male out of 10 possible positions. A 1/10th ratio is typically more than a mathematical variance or anomoly [sic]. Is Rich your "token" male? or would it just be a rich the riveter, yes we can in reverse hiring move? or is it that he is the only qualified male that you could find? or even applied?

If it were the other way around, it would be sexist as hell, right? Hell, I would see it as sexist. More to the point is that so would you. Even more to the point would be: do you see your own situation at Jezebel as sexist?

Sadly, that is the whole point of feminism: to make and allow for all to be equal, to cherish and embrace the differences equally, and to see the intelligence, strength, and honor in all people equally. Your own site has failed there in your hiring practices.

As your post shows, the information on A&F's hiring/employments standards are up to the naked eye of the public media (which it damn well should be). My question for you is this:

Will you put yourself in that light? Why 90% female staff? why exclude good information (like the Riam/A&F story) from men by having a site that is "for women"? does "for women" mean "not for men" to you?

even a private e-mail back would be nice.


jon carlson

The missive was, of course, delivered the flowery font seen in the screengrab below.

"Do You See Your Own Situation At Jezebel As Sexist?"

To which we, of course, have but one response:

[Special thanks to Amanda Marcotte for the video]