The tabloids are convinced that sparkle vamp Robert Pattinson and costar Kristen Stewart are in love. So is our body language "expert" Tiara Dew Dots. She knows exactly what RPatz and KStew are thinking, based solely on snaps from Comic-Con.

TDD: Robert pretends not to care as his ONE TRUE LOVE, Kristen, leans in to his rival, the Buff Werewolf. His arms are crossed: He's Pissed. But also protecting himself. His heart. New Moon swoon! His shoulders lean away from Kristen, because he's angry that she is hurting him. But his hips remain close — magnetically attracted to her. Kristen nonchalantly looks out and away from Robert, avoiding eye contact. She's sort of giving him the finger, and giggling about it. The girl just doesn't give a fuck. She bares her tattooed belly and has her sunglasses ready, in case she needs to split. Meanwhile, the Buff Werewolf keeps his hands near his fly, indicating that he's prepared to have intercourse with her at a moment's notice.
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TDD: This is what is known in body-language speak as "mirroring." When you're attracted to someone, you may find yourself mirroring — copying — their body language. Like if they're out to dinner, and they lean in over the table, you'll lean in, too. Or if you're talking on a sofa, he'll put his arm up on the back of the sofa, and you'll put your arm up, too. And then you gaze into each others' eyes, and talk about how majestic the earth must have looked before civilization, and then he kisses you, and you move into the bedroom, and one thing leads to another, and you think, this is it, he's so perfect, and I've always thought an orthodontist would be a good match, and you think maybe you'll get like, a little cabin somewhere, with a lawn and a shabby chic bedroom, and one of those faux French chippy white painted kitchens, and then he never calls, and you spend the next three nights watching old movies and shaking your head at your cat, telling her how dumb she is for being needy, when you're really talking to yourself, and then you eat some Butter Pecan and pretend none of it ever happened.
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TDD: Eye contact! Kristen is making eye contact with Robert. The reports of their chemistry cannot be denied. You can feel the heat, the tension, the passion, the desire. I think his hand is trying to wipe away some drool? Poor Buff Werewolf, caught in the middle of an electricity storm!
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TDD: At this point the looks are so intimate, so penetrative, that Buff Werewolf must nervously laugh and close his eyes. His mouth is pulled into a grimace of pain: He's excluded from the… Can I say "eyefuckfest"? Well... Hmm. Nevermind. He's excluded from the sensual ocular copulation Kristen and Robert are having right in front of him. Robert's enjoying it so much he's becoming quite flushed. Every hair on his body is quivering at the sight of her, and even his pinky finger is erect and swollen with desire and yearning…
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TDD: It's over. The thrill is gone. Kristen's eyes are dead and devoid of emotion. Her crossed arms speak volumes: She is not happy. But why does Robert have a smirk on his face? He has one hand in his pocket, but where is his other hand? And where is the Buff Werewolf's hand? This tale has taken a twist!

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