Now that the whole house hates Ronnie, he's an easy target. In fact, Russell has been aggressively teasing him constantly. But is it all part of their secret strategy? Live Feed recaps after the jump.

First of all, can we just talk about how awesome this is?

It's like the "How Will I Know?" video — when Whitney looks at the screen of Dionne Warwick and sings, "I'm askin' you, 'cause you know about these things" — except gayer.

Before getting into the Live Feed, I want to talk about Chima a little bit. She's constantly referred to as a freelance journalist on the show, so I did some internet stalking to see what she's written. I assumed that because she's on the Brains Clique, she was in print. Turns out she's in broadcast… internet broadcast.

You can check out her (probs self-written) broadcast bio here.

But way more shocking is that Chima told the other house guests that she was a victim of a brutal sexual assault at the hands of a serial rapist/murderer, which was featured on an episode of Cold Case Files.

The page for her episode has been removed since the Live Feed geeks scrambled to it after Chima's announcement. But the full story on it is here.

According to the article, Chima was the last victim of "The Bathtub Rapist," Dale Devon Scheanette. Luckily, unlike Scheanette's other victims (whom he murdered), Chima was able to fight him off. He was arrested shortly thereafter and in February 2009, he was put to death by lethal injection. Chima told the house guests that she had to have two surgeries to correct the damage he'd done to her face when he beat her.


Wednesday 7/22
Russell visited Ronnie secretly twice in the HoH room. The two made a deal to return to their alliance, but decided they're going to do it secretly, and Russell said that he will continue to rag on Ronnie and bully him in front of other house guests for the next few weeks, so that no one will catch on to their scheme.


During Russell's second secret visit to Ronnie, the two guys almost got discovered. Russell had to sneak out of the room, and crawl on his stomach. (I love that Ronnie repeatedly uses the term "smiling with their eyes" when talking about game play.)

Thursday 7/23
A few hours after the live show broadcast, Jessie, Casey, Natalie, Russell and Kevin were in the HoH room. The CD that Jessie requested was Robin Thicke. Casey likes Robin Thicke, too.

Jessie talked a lot about some kind of fitness supplement that he loves (and received in his HoH care package). Apparently it was owned by some steroids manufacturer.


Jessie and Natalie were then called to the DR together, which raised everyone's eyebrows.

After they went into the DR, Casey said that if Jessie took a shit on Natalie's chest, she'd be OK with it, because she's so up his butt.

Various house guests talked about the "mystery vote" to keep Laura in the house. They all said they think it was Russell. (It was really Natalie.)


Outside, Jeff and Jordan were talking. Jeff said that he wished he won HoH, because he would've requested a Bob Marley CD.

Jordan told Jeff and Casey that Lydia tried to make out with her earlier in the day! Then she made Jeff and Casey promise to never repeat that.