You might think that the MySpace/IGN Jennifer's Body Party during Comic-Con 2009, at San Diego's Manchester Grand Hyatt, would be a laid-back occasion. Diablo Cody and friends would agree with you... but for Megan Fox, it's always time for Sexyface.

Alright, gang, everyone knows how I feel about the Radom Gashes of 2009. That said, Megan Fox looks elegant and lovely - if you ignore the perma-sexyface!

Jessica Chobot's accessories are really nicely chosen, nu?

Okay, I like Panic at the Disco as much as anyone - except, I guess, people who really, really like it. But this sort of half-assed hipster formalwear, as modeled by Spencer Smith and Brendon Urie, always gets my goat. Come on, man, tuck in your shirt. You know you only pulled it out at the last second.

I never know how to feel about the casual vest. Briana Evigan pulls it off okay, but it can get very Artful Dodger very fast.

Diablo Cody in mufti. Pegged jeans with flats? A braver - and a taller - woman than I.

I mean, it's Comic-Con for gosh sakes! Really, Margo Harshman can wear whatever she wants.

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