This summer, don't trust your love life to the vagaries of actual human communication. Instead, use Cosmo's ultra-scientific survey to figure out what to do in bed.

Don't ask guys what they likes — they can barely talk anyway. Instead, remember that 61.6% of men pay attention to "a hot body" — so get one! And you'll probably want to put your hair up, because 76.1% of guys like to see a girl in a ponytail. That scrunchy will come in handy later. Speaking of sex, 27.4% of men would like to bring "a kinky costume" into the bedroom, so wear your sexy maid outfit for about one out of four guys you sleep with. But watch out for the "backdoor area" — 60.7% of dudes say you should never touch it "under any circumstances." If all these numbers don't put enough science in your summer, flip to page 142 for an exhaustive chart that explains how you can use this season to "chill out and recharge" or "have an adventure." Because what's the point of fun if you can't graph it?