Yesterday, when I came out of the closet and then shared some of the, ahem, highlights of my illustrious modeling career, some of you had questions. So I thought today, I'd answer them (and others) in the comments.

To prime the pump:

St. Francis Of A Sissy wrote, "I have a question about your book. Who decides which shots are in there and which are not? You? Your representation?"

My bookers at the various agencies I worked with made those calls. I could sometimes lobby for a particular picture, but the agency, as the entity that was marketing me, had ultimate control over all aspects of my image, including what went in my book. Most agencies have an art department, responsible for keeping the website up-to-date with recent shots, and collating the various models' magazine appearances, test shoots, campaign shots, into their respective books. Whenever I had something new come out, my booker, plus someone from the art department, would have a confab and take out all the pictures from my book, decide which photos should stay, which should go, which needed to be re-ordered. When they were doing the re-ordering, they'd take into consideration everything from the pose or "look" of a given shot, to what aspect of my appearance it was highlighting — "That's a hair photo," they'd say, "we can't have two hair photos next to each other, it's redundant" — to things like a shot's cool/warm coloration. Of course, sometimes in this endeavor, some of the pictures I liked the best would get bumped, but that never particularly bothered me. They were just pictures.

Other questions? Post them below.

UPDATE: I'm having some technical issues with commenting, specifically, with comments I'm writing being eaten, presumably by little comment-hungry gremlins. I expect to be back ASAP. Apologies! And thank you for all the thoughtful questions.

UPDATE: Back now with a vengeance, ladies and germs.