There were some twists in game play on last night's episode, but nothing was more surprising than when it was revealed that Jordan doesn't know how to tell time on the clock. Live feed spoilers after the jump.

As it stands, Jeff won the PoV, which got him off the block. Ronnie replaced his nomination with Jordan, so on tomorrow night's live show, the house guests will have to choose between evicting Jordan or Laura.

So, apparently, Casey and Jessie knew each other before entering the BB house. Back in May, Jessie was involved in some kind of hot body competition (competing in the men's version, and possibly judging in the women's version) over several days in Florida, and Casey was the emcee of the event. There are videos of it, but they're really hard to watch…as in, boring. Here are some stills:

You can spot Casey behind this hunk.

No one is really sure what this means for the game so far, or if Jessie even remembers Casey. It's likely though, that Casey remembers Jessie, as he had already been on BB the previous season.


Sunday 7/19
Jessie shaved his pubes with someone's razor. (Apparently, it was a girl's.) When the girls found out, he didn't understand why they were grossed out, because he said they wouldn't be using the razor on their faces.


Later, Jessie was talking to Chima in the bathroom. He was telling her that he has a crush on Natalie. He wanted privacy, so he put a towel over their heads, but "The Voice" yelled at him for it.

At night, Jessie slept in a bed with Lydia and Natalie slept on the floor next to them. This is apparently a routine arrangement.

Monday 7/20
Lydia lost a bet with Natalie in a game of pool, and had to go all day without makeup or hair products.

Jessie and Natalie were playing chess and Jessie said that he loves Butterfingers, but hates when they get stuck in his teeth.


In the kitchen, Jordan asked Russell what the date was. He said "It's the 19th." Jordan asked him how he knew that. Russell said it's because he's God. (The date was actually the 20th.)

Later, Lydia and Jessie were in one of the bedrooms, in the same bed. Lydia tried to flirt and get some under-the-covers action going on. Jessie changed his positioning to head-to-toe.

Tuesday 7/21
During the day, Laura, Chima and Russell talked in the kitchen and began to figure out that Ronnie is a liar.

Laura and Chima talked about how Ronnie is a mean person, especially to Michele, and said that, over the last couple of days, Ronnie repeatedly badgered Michele with math equations, and, when she wouldn't know the answer, he would make fun of her and tell her she's stupid.

At midnight, Russell confronted Ronnie in the storage room on all his bullshit games and lies. Ronnie denied everything and told Russell that he was intimidating him.

In the recycling room, Lydia revealed to Jessie and Kevin that Natalie hid Laura's flatiron, just to be a bitch.


After his fight with Russell, Ronnie stormed up to the HoH room, reverted to crybaby mode and told Chima that he wants to go home.

Downstairs, Laura and Jordan rallied the rest of the house and they all went outside (except for Jessie and Lydia, who were cooking waffles). Everyone exchanged stories about what Ronnie had been telling them, and they all realized that Ronnie was playing both sides and pitting them against each other.

During this bitchfest, Russell said "[Ronnie's] not a teacher! He's a professional masturbator!"

Laura said, "[Ronnie's] the only weirdo who locks the HoH room!"

Chima and Michele agreed to throw the HoH competition so that they could all evict Ronnie.


Around 1 AM, Ronnie went downstairs and told Laura that she was going home. He made a big show about it as an attempt to take some heat off himself. It failed drastically.

(In my opinion, Ronnie is a sellout. He was an outcast in high school, and has admitted to getting picked on. Now he's finally in a power position in a game broken into high school cliques, and instead of standing up to the bullies and jocks, he allows himself to be intimidated, and then takes out his frustration and contempt on the "weaker" people. Instead of life imitating art, reality TV is imitating life in high school…which is probably the key to success for reality TV shows.")

The entire house jumped on Ronnie.

Eventually, Ronnie promised to stay in the HoH room for his remainder of his time in the house. He's kept to his word so far. (But on the occasion when he DID leave for a DR session, Russell harassed him the entire time.)


Around 3 AM, Natalie and Jessie went outside to chat. Natalie said, "I don't think Lydia likes me. I think she's jealous.." Jessie stayed quiet.

Natalie went inside to go to sleep and Casey came out. He and Jessie talked about the night's events, and game play in general. It doesn't seem like an alliance discussion, but eventually Casey said, "Look, all we know is that I'll never put you up, you'll never put me up" and then something to the effect of "I don't expect for the same from your teammates, because I know you don't have complete control over them." (So is this a secret alliance confirmation?)

Jessie compared life to Super Bowl 2007.