When you hear the words "Orphan premiere at the Mann Village Theater," you're probably expecting freaky kids and chills. But shirtless dudes? Leather pants? Kim Kardashian? That's a whole different kind of scary.

In case you can't tell, Vera Farmiga's gown is trimmed with an exposed-zipper origami heart of sorts.

Could Katee Sackhoff's dress be any sweeter and more innocent (besides the tightness in the bodice, that is)? She's just setting herself up to be mauled by a possessed orphan!

I have no idea what the dress code was for this event, but I'm gonna go ahead and guess this wasn't it. (Tommy Davidson)

I always wonder how kids like Isabelle Fuhrman feel about having their freaky movie incarnations splashed all over posters; here's hoping she gets a kick out of it. Digging her Odille getup!

In case you're wondering, yes, Kim Kardashian's wearing a dress over a tee. And yes, there's a shot where a photographer caught her adjusting it, which is what one assumes such a getup would require. Amongst other things.

CCH Pounder, in addition to an awesome name and some seriously important activism to her credit, has the presence to pull off: 1. Huge pattern 2. Huge necklace 3. Huge stole.

Lisa Rinna is looking far more demure and less professionally sexy than usual: I approve.

Ciara can rock this look, but...isn't she hot? And didn't she have to sit through a movie in those pants? Also, here's something I've always wondered: I have an Irish friend with the same name-spelling who's called KEE-RA. How do parents decide?

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