Everyone's favorite dream-dreamin' Scotswoman, Susan Boyle, has reportedly landed a spread in September's Harper's Bazaar. And we've got a few ideas for their art directors...

After hearing about this forthcoming exercise in glossiness, formerly-anonymous Jenna and I speculated about how, exactly, the 48-year-old Boyle has been transformed. We can see it going in several directions, none of them good: the standard dignified/lounging/satin gown treatment they give non-fashion types like First Ladies; Boyle sports fall fashions (doubtful), possibly with some vacant-looking male model at her side; or something ludicrous. If they go with the latter, have we got some ideas for them:

Obviously, the spread should evoke Scotland. May we suggest Susan Boyle as Celtic Warrior Queen?

Susan Boyle as Mary, Queen of Scots...

And as if it needs saying, Susan Boyle in Brigadoon. We recommend Gerard Butler in the Gene Kelly role. (Hey, he did Phantom!)

Maybe Bazaar will want to do one of those "tributes to famous singers" deals.

Or maybe they'll just do something...random.

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