Is the new animal-only Pet Airways a sign of a cultural change in how we treat pets? Adam Goldfarb of the Humane Society thinks so. "There's a major shift from care being only adequate to care being really exceptional." •

• An anonymous man, who has been convicted of attempted rape twice, first when he was 11 and again at 14, spoke to the BBC about his own history of abuse and why he continued the cycle of violence. "I didn't see it as committing a sexual offence, I seen it as a normal act," he said. "I'd witnessed it all my life, it was just normal to me, didn't think there was anything wrong with it… playing doctors and nurses, that's how I described it when I was younger." • Time magazine investigates the link between homophobia in Africa and the AIDs epidemic. Sadly, since public health announcements focus exclusively on heterosexual sex, many African men are unaware of the risks associated with unprotected anal sex. • A recent study on the power of media influence on teen behavior shows that kids are more likely to do stupid shit like "car surfing" (i.e. riding on the roof of a moving car) after they have seen it depicted on television or in a film. • Click here to watch a video of a beagle and a raccoon playing together. Cute interspecies friendships are the best! • A survey of female surgeons found that most women doctors are happy with their career choice, although many of them would prefer to have a more flexible work schedule. • According to a study from the University of Montreal, women who have had their ovaries removed and thus experience premature menopause are more likely to be diagnosed with lung cancer than those who enter menopause without intervention. • "Though violence against women can be found in every country, women in societies with entrenched male dominance, patriarchal kinship patterns, and legalised discrimination - the situation in many Arab countries - are acutely vulnerable," reads a recently released UN-sponsored report on "Challenges to Human Security in the Arab Countries." It continues: "The fabled oil wealth of the Arab countries presents a misleading picture of their economic situation to live with the insecurities associated with their status. They are at the mercy of conditions in camps or political and economic events in their host countries, which could suddenly turn against them." • Pro-choice advocate group NARAL has announced that it's endorsing Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. NARAL previously withheld support because it was uncertain of Sotomayor's views on the issue since she has never ruled on abortion. •