Last year, Italian Vogue shook the fashion world with its "All Black issue, which sold out on many newsstands. This year, the July issue features Kristen McMenamy on the cover, but comes with a delightful supplement devoted to black Barbies.

It is Barbie's 50th birthday, after all, and Mattel does have those new black Barbies to promote. And while this supplement is not full-sized like a regular magazine (it's about 6 inches wide; 7.5 inches long) somehow the doll scale makes sense.

Is it a little sad that instead of gorgeous black models, we only get to see plastic dolls propped up in poses? Sorta. But the issue is elaborate, fun, detailed and enchanting, with absolutely stunning photography.

The supplement is divided into many sections, this one is called "Hat Mania."

What is not to love? I might frame this one.

This is from a section called "The Tourist Glam." Notice how the dolls are toting tiny issues of last year's Italian Vogue!

Not for chewing, for admiring only: Shoes.

According to the index in the back, this is "Pop Life!" Barbie in this "Sixties Fever" spread. She looks swinging, but did the editors mix up the '60s and the 70s? Isn't it "Disco Fever" and disco balls?

This diva is Diana Ross Barbie.

In an elegant series of photos titled "Red Carpet," this image stood out as the worst.

The "Shape Up" story included swim, track and tennis spreads.

I have mixed feelings about the "Ethnic Chic" photo shoot. While I appreciate the effort, one of the dolls used was the "Fantasy Goddess of Africa Barbie" by Bob Mackie. Not sure how much is authenticity and how much is just a love of feathers.

Diversity in hair textures are a thumbs up, however.

From "The Royal Way" spread, immediately following the "ethnic" spread, which doesn't say anything about colonialism, does it?

Another really gorgeous image suitable for framing.

This image is in "Tribute To Horst." Teeny tiny furs.

Another Horst tribute, with great hair.

The hairdo spreads are my favorite, and show how playful working with a doll model can be.

Especially when she has flirty eyes.

I wish I could say that this fun, colorful "Street Style" spread was the last one in the supplement.

It would be great to end on an upbeat note.

Instead, the last spread is "Fetish Icons," which isn't very fun, and not a great way to end.

But all in all, for a Barbie or magazine collector, it's an exciting, well made and enjoyable little publication.

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