Apatow's latest, Funny People, premiered last night at Hollywood's "ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome." Leslie Mann, Rashida Jones, Elizabeth Banks, Anna Faris, Eric Bana and various other funny people looked seriously good. We won't mention a certain pair of espadrilles...

Leslie Mann looks lovely. Yes, the matching shoes are a tad Barbie, but I'm guessing her daughters approve.

Speaking of! Maude and Iris Apatow look like normal kids, always (sadly) refreshing. Also, Maude has the same half-Jew hair I had as a kid! Well, if mine had been groomed and detangled instead of a matted rat's nest.

Gotta say, Seth Rogen's looking sharp - even if he always looks more stoic than happy on the red carpet.

Anna Faris looks like she was caught doing something naughty - instead of just wearing a fairly unremarkable summer weekend outfit. What's she hiding behind her back?

Oh, Rashida Jones, you make it look so easy: love how the horizontals on the skirt are echoed by the sandals and the necklace!

Jonah Hill's pants are really long and he's wearing lace-up espadrilles. He's obviously aware of both these things, so.

Kinda digging on Elizabeth Banks' 80s cocktail - very Bright Lights, Big City. As to the hair, well, those of us susceptible to humidity are not adverse to seeing this become an acceptable look.

I've never seen comedian Aubrey Plaza scrubbed up; she "puts on the dog," as my grandfather would inexplicably have said, like a charm.

Okay, Eric Bana's obviously handsome blah blah blah, but if you're going to wear a natty suit, complete with gentlemanly trappings, you might as well shave.

So on the one hand, I love to see people taking chances and being creative and working without the stifling influence of stylists. On the other, Toni Collette looks daft.

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