"I'm VERY tired of reading the word VERY," my fourth grade teacher would say, "To the word graveyard!" And with that, she'd bury another word in the tiny graveyard at the back of our classroom.

She did this with every word we tended to overuse in our creative writing projects: very, good, awesome, bad; all of these words were buried with great gusto as she pushed us to try to write without them. As a word made its way to the gloomy graves that stood amidst a mess of shoebox dioramas and various dogeared books, she'd remind us that the words weren't gone forever, just gone until we left fourth grade. "By then," she'd say, "you'll realize you didn't need them after all."

I often think of the word graveyard: after yesterday's Angela Chase Syndrome post, I found myself picturing my teacher burying the words "like" and "you know." But there are other words that need to go. Most notably, the word "app." App must be buried forever and ever, amen. Just say "application," people! Enjoy the extra syllables! They're lovely!

So what words would you bury in the Word Graveyard? Awesome? LOLSpeak? Fake words like "irregardless?" Words used incorrectly, like "literally" to describe something figurative? Feel free to list your Word Graveyard nominees in the comments below.