A woman from Manchester has become the first person to change her name to a web domain, reports the Independent. Claire Forshaw is now Princess-Rainbow.com. Is this what the future holds?

In 2007, a Chinese couple tried to name their baby "@." We've already seen names like Moon Unit, Espn and Rocket, Racer, Rebel and Rogue. But this is beyond Apple and Bronx: This is about technology, and creating an identity for yourself. Many of us have an online persona — a name we've chosen to represent us, and who can be either just like our real life personality or more anonymous, more mysterious, more witty, more aggressive, more thoughtful, more self-promoting, more bitchy… etc. For many of us, online and offline personae don't overlap, and the whole point of using a pseudonym is having the freedom to be expressive without boundaries. But online, you can create a name, a brand, a life that you end up carrying into your real life. And maybe as technology plays a bigger and bigger part in our lives, the names we give ourselves will become more meaningful than the names we are given.

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