Late last night, a Tweeting Sarah Palin dispensed with the Plato, Aristotle and other notable quotables in favor of a different sort of callout: her admiration for American bears. We asked some bears what they thought of this, and her.

Smokey the Bear
Only you can prevent forest fires, but Sarah Palin can prevent forests.

Yogi Bear
I don't know about any mama bears, but I sure hope somebody hands me a pic-a-nic basket, eh Boo Boo?

The Coke Polar Bear
Sarah Palin says, "magnificent cuddly white bears are doing just fine and don't need our protection. If the ice melts, they'll adapt to living on land." Cuddly my ass! Why don't you try adapting to life on an ice floe — without a fucking snow-machine. Enjoy Coca-Cola.

Care Bears
Sarah Palin is anti-care — affordable health care, that is. Care Bears...prepare to stare!

Berenstain Bears
When someone gives you a job to do, you should do it, even if people say mean things about you. Guess Sarah Palin never read The Berenstain Bears And The Ethics Complaints. Also, don't stay up too late.

The Chicago Bears
82 . . . 49 . . . 36 . . . hike!

Gummi Bears

Masturbating Bear
Though she is charismatic and appealing on a superficial level, Sarah Palin's narrow-mindedness and poor grasp of the issues make her Presidential candidacy in 2012 a disturbing prospect. [Pause] [Masturbates furiously.]

Teddy Ruxpin
I used to be a wildly popular toy, telling cute stories to millions of adoring children. Now look at me! What? Sarah Palin? Never heard of her. Somebody get me another beer.

A Bear
According to "a gay guy who knows her," Sarah Palin is "as sweet as pie around gay people." Given the choice between an evangelical Christian for whom "preserving the definition of ‘marriage' as defined in our constitution" is a top priority, and pie, I'd choose pie.

Image of Palin via smiteme on Flickr.

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