This publication was designed especially to be distributed in beauty salons, to hair stylists — in 1965. Inside, the hair is big, structured and stiff — ah, the good old days.

The Petite Lady-Aire is a "heavenly" hair dryer with a "slim 23-inch waistline." No, really.

Sure, this is directed at the hairdresser. But the word "patrons" along with the lack of visible clothing makes me think she is a Butterfield-8 style high-class call girl. That said, love the hair, eye lashes, gloves and earrings!

The "cover coif" is "silken" and "lady-like." Also: Tall. And ear-disguising.

The illustrations are charming!

And: Rhyming headlines! My fave.

"The Swingheart Trend" — some of these bob haircuts are actually coming back, sorta. The upper left one and the lower right one have a current feel.

The coquette coif, however, is best left in the past.

"Flirty Silhouettes," also known as "No One Wants To Sit Behind You At The Movies."

The larger picture is the good girl version; the smaller photo is the bad-girl, switch-blade-hiding 'do.

Bundt-cake bun? (The model actually looks pissed!)

Glamour! This style has a touch of Audrey.

"Swingers Love It!" Should we be disappointed or relieved that this doesn't mean what we think it means?

Retro sexyface.

Make your own wig/hymen jokes. We'll wait.

Interested in recreating some of these? Follow the easy, illustrated steps!