Harry and Pepper, the beloved same-sex penguin couple who lived together at the San Francisco Zoo and were practically inseparable since 2003, have split, and Linda, a female penguin, is reportedly to blame. Oh, Linda. How could you?!

According to KVTU, Linda began getting chummy with Harry when her long-term companion passed away. Harry, who had previously gone so far as to incubate an egg with Pepper, apparently took a shine to Linda, and the two have since gone on to nest together. Pepper, understandably, became "violent" at the loss of his partner, but has calmed down since. "They have been getting along okay," Zookeeper Jennifer Katz, says, "But Pepper is by himself now, so we are keeping an eye on the three of them." Poor Pepper! You will always have our love, good sir!

Below, a video of Harry and Pepper in happier times:

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