There is nothing the makers of feminine hygiene products like to promise more than a return to "being yourself," in the midst of a rough PMS cycle. In these vintage spots, cheerful women make promises, while crampy women flip out.

Premsyn PMS, from the 1980s: "Now I'm my old, sweet self again!"

Midol, 1997: Another woman on a couch, promising a return to "being yourself."

Pamprin, 1994: "You're not yourself! Get yourself back together again!"

Here, however, a Pamprin IB commercial from the 80's breaks the "go back to being yourself" trend and promises us an escape from cramps...and what looks to be an inevitable transformation into a werewolf as soon as the clock strikes midnight.

Sadly, not much has changed in PMS advertising, and the "bring yourself back" theme has extended to yeast infection treatments as well. Because one can never really be oneself when one is slowly turning into a werewolf, I suppose.